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The Strength Revolution has been getting rid of peoples aches and pains in the Shorewood, Joliet, Plainfield Area for over 5 years. Did you know that surgery isn’t your only option? Neither are orthotics or braces… Say goodbye to the days of fearing pain and movement, and say hello to enjoying the activities that you love to do, pain free. Below are just a FEW of the tests that we use on our clients to evaluate each person individually.


Flexion, Abduction, and External Rotation. This hip mobility test is used to determine if a squat will be uneven at the bottom position. If you have an uneven squat, then it can lead to pain and injury especially when holding weights. Have hip or low pain? Your hips play a large role in the position of your lower back and legs. If you found that they are uneven, then this could be a leading role in your pain.

Thoracic Rotation Test

Besides the fact that it sounds like a dinosaur, the thoracic spine rotation test is one of our favorites to help our clients with back pain. Also known as the T-spine, the thoracic spine test is a staple for our clients who have hip, low back, and even shoulder pain. Having uneven rotation can even cause degenerative disc diseases, but don't fear. We've helped people with that too.

5" Ankle Wall Test

Crazy right? The ankles and feet are the foundation of our body. If they are not mobile or strong, then they can effect every part of your body. Ankle flexibility plays a large role in the performance of the squat and the lunge as well. When lacking, the body can compensate all the way through the knees, hips, and even lower back. A stronger foundation can build a stronger peak.

Below is a short video demonstrating even more tests that we use to help evaluate you, and your unique needs to help you get out of pain. Everyone’s pain is for different reasons, so let us help you find out why.


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