3 Reasons Rise Above Fitness is Superior to OrangeTheory Fitness®

Before anyone gets pissed off that this blog is being written by me (one of the owners of Rise Above) and claim that there is bias, of course there is bias! But the reason for this blog post is to dive deeper into the truth behind fitness.

I will be talking about the 3 main differences between the gyms that make Rise Above Fitness superior to OrangeTheory Fitness® BUT I will also mention the things that make OrangeTheory Fitness® a great place to work out as well.

So stick with me, because I am here to educate you!

1.) Cardiovascular Training is good for burning fat short-term, but not long-term

Cardiovascular training (which I will refer to as “cardio”) is a great way to elevate the heart rate and burn lots of calories. Sounds good on paper right? The problem with cardio training is that the results usually stop within the first few months of training. This is because your metabolism actually will start to decrease its efficiency as you lose weight.


Both fat and muscle both burn calories. So as you start to burn fat (without putting on muscle) you will slowly start to burn less and less calories as time goes on. If you are looking to burn fat for the short-term, then OrangeTheory Fitness® is the place for you. Not enough gyms use strength training because it takes longer to deliver the results that people look for (looking better naked obviously). But just like a slow cooker, the time is worth the end result.

Cardio training will help build your heart muscle as well, but so can strength training if done properly. Which means you never have to use a treadmill or other traditional cardio machines IF you don’t want to. What’s great about Rise Above Fitness is that we have figured out the formula to build your strength AND cardio.

Which brings me to my next point…

2.) Strength training helps build muscle but is usually done incorrectly

HIIT style classes that involve weights or resistance-style training is often called strength training. This is not TRUE strength training. The main problem with OrangeTheory Fitness® and other popular style HIIT classes are usually non-stop moving the entire time. True strength training requires HEAVY lifting and more importantly, REST between sets. When you have classes that require you to do one exercise after another after another after another the workout just becomes more “cardio” but with weights instead of with a treadmill.

Rise Above Fitness may not have the “sexiest” exercises ever, BUT they deliver the best result in the shortest amount of time. True strength training will help build muscle size and muscle density which will help INCREASE your metabolism long-term. Using unconventional tools to build your strength is honestly just fun as hell, and that is why we gravitated towards using this style of equipment.

Heavy lifting tends to scare most individuals and for good reason because it can cause injuries. Rise Above Fitness has expert trainers who will guide your through proper technique. Unless you are a professional in the industry, I can guarantee you that you will learn at least one new thing every day that can help progress you long-term.

Which brings me to my final point…

3.) Mobility Training prevents injury and promotes longevity

Stretching after a class is NOT mobility training and can often lead to further injuries or put you at risk for injuries. Mobility training is a style of strength training that allows you to build strength through different ranges of motion in different joints. Our anti-injury style of training is used in professional athletes in their seasons so they can have a longer, pain-free career.

This style of training may not seem difficult to most, until you actually start to perform the movements. These exercises are definitely NOT sexy, but man are they 100% necessary if you want to be able to lift weights and have an active life-style pain free. Lucky for me, I found mobility training in my early 20’s and I have been pain-free even after 10 years of lifting. And no, it has nothing to do with my age.

Although mobility training isn’t demanding on the heart rate, there are so many other benefits that make this totally worth your time and effort. The problem I have found is that not many coaches or trainers know how to incorporate this into workouts. Lucky for YOU, Rise Above Fitness incorporates it on a daily basis.

Which brings me to my conclusion….

Now I don’t want you to think that OrangeTheory Fitness® is all bad because their are some really positive aspects of OrangeTheory Fitness®. The atmosphere is unmatched, they bring an energy like no other. Not to mention if you like running, there is plenty of treadmill work for those who enjoy it. Your heart will become the strongest muscle in your body which is also important!

The bottom line is that ANY fitness routine is better than NO fitness routine.

I personally believe in educating the general population because it creates sustainability. We don’t just work you out, we help you grow. Come try out a free week on us and let us show you, may PROVE to you that education is the new form of fitness.

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