3 Steel Mace Exercises to Define Your Arms

We specialize in using unconventional training to improve your quality of life! The steel mace is one of the most upcoming tools in fitness. We utilize them in many ways some of which include the exercises below to help define your arms. Some general concepts you will need to know about the mace is that it has an offset load, meaning all the weight sits on one side. This causes instability which makes YOU have to work harder. While performing any of these movements below, remember that you want to pull the steel mace apart as if you were trying to take the head off the handle.

Steel Mace Uppercuts

Performing this movement is a bit tricky. You want to separate out your shoulder and hip rotation, meaning the hips stay static while the shoulders do the rotation. You will want to pause at both the bottom and top of the repetition to ensure that your arms are creating tension. This move is great for sculpting your upper back and shoulders and doubling as a bar fight training technique.

Steel Mace Kneeling Shoulder Press

The reason we add the aspect of kneeling to this exercise is to remove the legs to produce any force. Only the arms will be forced to work in this compromised position. Your hand position does matter here. The closer your hands are to the head of the mace, the easier the movement becomes. This will also double as a core exercise to stabilize everything as you press overhead as well.

Steel Mace Ballistic Curls

The ballistic curl is a great exercise to help train deceleration and acceleration. Make sure that your force production comes from your arms and not your obliques. Mistakes commonly associated with this one is to lean a lot from left to right to help pull the weight over. Don’t do that! As you switch the head from left to right, make sure the mace goes across your face and not your chest. This makes the movement more difficult, but thats what exercise is supposed to be, right? Difficult?

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