4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women

The 4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women

Lifting Weights:

Lifting weights has been frowned upon by women due to the nature of them thinking that it will make them look bulky or too manly. Lifting weights is proven to deliver the best long-term results for both health and body composition. The notion that it will make you look manly is just ridiculous. Women don’t carry enough testosterone in their bodies to look like men. If they did, then they would be a man. Lifting weights for men has become an ego struggle. They have to be stronger than everyone and show off because if they don’t…. then they “aren’t manly.” 9/10 times the clients who have the best results are the ones who can leave their ego at the door. Meaning, move lighter weight slower and control your movements.


The notion that there are programs out there that are delivered specifically for women because they are a woman is non-sense. Men and women can both benefit from doing the same things. So why do people market programs for men and women separately? It’s because women don’t want the same things as men. Women usually want flat stomachs, lean legs, and toned arms. Men usually want to be muscular all over. These programs aren’t actually different other than the parts of the bodies that they target. Women’s programs tend to carry way too MANY core exercises where men’s programs tend to LACK core exercises. These programs are geared towards everyone with mass appeal. The only programs that should be for women, are the programs that involve tracking your menstrual cycle and exercising according to where you are at in your cycle, period. Get it?


This king of is a reiteration from the previous two statements. Men and women physiologically are not that different. The differences that happen nutritionally should be based on your food sensitivities as a whole. Not because your girlfriend from down the street started eating wheatgrass and lost 10 pounds because she read its good for women on the internet. Your food choices are not unique to your gender but unique to YOU as a person. Are there foods that can assist you in adjusting hormone levels? Sure, but that is still dependent on your needs as a specific individual.


Body Image:

This is something that EVERYONE struggles with. Yes, I said everyone. Society thinks that women are the only ones that struggle with the idea of not looking a certain way. Men are just as guilty as feeling those SAME feelings of not feeling good enough physically. The reason we assume men don’t care is because men don’t talk about it. They don’t want to seem weak, insecure, or vulnerable so they hide these body image issues away. Just because men don’t want to talk about their body image issues doesn’t mean they don’t have them. As for women, the advertisements used in the fitness industry are fabricated. Between lighting, filters, and photoshop women never stand a chance to live up to those pictures. It’s ACTUALLY impossible. Having fat on your body is normal, so shut up.

Those are the 4 Fitness Myths: Men vs Women

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