5 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

We all want to be looking our best for the summer months, that are soon to come.

But why do we struggle year after year when it comes to our weight loss goals?

Losing weight is simple, but implementing the strategies to create a healthy nutrition routine can seem impossible!

Before we reveal our top 5 favorite foods for losing weight, you must first understand that losing weight requires one thing and one thing only.

Calorie Deficit.

Weight loss is a result of an energy imbalance, meaning more calories out than calories in.

So the reason we picked the foods that we did was because they have natural barriers to consumption and they have a good calorie to quantity ratios.

So here are our top 5 Low Calorie High Quantity Foods:

1. Fruit – Watermelon

Watermelon is going to take the crown in the fruit category. This food contains only 30 calories per 100g serving. That equates to roughly 120 calories for one whole pound of watermelon! If you dig a little deeper into the macronutrients of watermelon, then you will notice that most of the calories come from sugar. Keep in mind that losing weight goes back to total calories in vs total calories out. So although this fruit is higher in sugar, the overall volume of the food you get compared to the total calories makes watermelon the king of the fruits.

2. Vegetable – Romaine Lettuce

Obviously any and every vegetable will be good for losing weight. The reason we chose romaine lettuce is because of its volume especially when put into a setting like a salad. We always recommend our friends to eat one big “MF”-ing salad every day. It is a great way to get your fiber in for the day and can really fill you up without busting your calories even a little. Romaine lettuce contains 17 calories per 100g serving. I honestly don’t think you can eat too much of this stuff.

3. Nuts/Seeds – Sunflower Seeds

We wanted to make sure we incorporate foods that are naturally higher in calories on this list as well. Nuts/seeds are naturally higher in calories because of the amount of fats present in them. The reason we chose sunflower seeds is because of the natural barrier to eating said food. Obviously if you get pre-shelled sunflower seeds this won’t work, but buying sunflower seeds with the shell on can prove to be a “munchies” killer. Sure, no one is going to sit down and dedicate time to eating sunflower seeds for hours at a time. But it is a great snack to have near you if you are someone who is a “bored” snacker. Sunflower seeds with the shell on contain 316 calories for 100g. This number is significantly higher than our numbers 1 and 2, but remember sometimes its not about the number of calories with this food, but the natural barrier to eat that food. Also, trying to eat 100g of sunflower seeds with the shell on will take you almost an hour.

4. Protein – Shellfish (Crab)

This one is similar to the nuts/seed category. We picked shellfish due to it high barrier to consumption. Most fish are actually going to be the lowest in calories for protein. Fish tends to be VERY lean (low in fats), in general. Alaskan King Crab Legs roughly run 98 calories per 100g serving (20g of which are from protein). Crab is a win/win/win in all categories. Not only is it lower calories, higher volumes, but also a large barrier of consumption. Obviously, we all can’t afford crab legs on the regular basis, so consider other fish sources of protein to help keep your calories to a minimum and your protein consumption to maximum.

5. Carbohydrate – Popcorn

Ahhhh… finally everyone’s favorite food category to eat… CARBS! We chose popcorn for this one for obvious reasons. The total calorie count for 1 cup of popped popcorn runs about 13 calories. You have to be a bit careful on this one. We personally make our own popcorn instead of getting it out a microwave bag. It’s because you have a lot more control of what is going on that popcorn. Not many people eat plain salted popcorn and they usually will add loads butter. Just remember don’t add ALL the butter. Portion control with additives is going to be key to making popcorn a a healthy and filling snack.

This is our top 5 food to help assist you in losing weight. Check out this blog post on the one exercise you are not doing to get summer ready to help assist you in your summer shredding goals.

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