First off, I will probably make a lot of chiropractors, and/or physical therapists mad by writing about this. But it’s the truth, and it needs to be said, back pain is complicated.

Back pain very rarely stems from your back. In fact, while fixing 100s of our own client’s back issues, we came to the realization that your hips tend to be the biggest factor in one’s back pain.

Let me explain.

Your back is the center of all of your limbs and extremities. If your extremities are not aligned properly, then the chances are neither is your back. Your back is connected to literally every part of your body. Every part of your body whether is good/bad positioning, will effect how your back will feel.

So what happens when you do experience back pain?

Most people will live with the pain and say fuck it.

Others will alleviate the pain using over the counter medicine like ibuprofen or Advil.

MANY will find quick fixes like chiropractors or adjustments.

Some people might even get EXTREMELY desperate and try surgery.

This is a classic situation of treating the SYMPTOM not the CAUSE.

The problem with all of these? They are all masking the problem. The reason you have back pain is poor positioning. Poor positioning is due to muscular tightness, muscular weakness, and lack of connection to the body.

Your back pain symptom COULD be due to a hip weakness.

When you treat the back pain (the symptom) it doesn’t fix the cause (hip weakness).

There is no ONE solution that works for everybody because everybody could have a different cause of that back pain. It could be from poor head position, poor hip strength, tight hips, weak core, pronated shoulders, rotated spine, and MANY OTHER REASONS.

Doing core exercises is a very generic concept that most fitness coaches use as a way to remove back pain. The problem is exactly that. ITS GENERIC. How do you even know a weak core is the problem?

So how do you fix low back pain permanently?

Assess, prescribe, re-asses

Everyone’s back pain is different. So to come up with a one-size fits all approach works for some, but usually not everyone. Our approach is unique to you, because everyone has different lives and lifestyles. 

Are you a desk jockey or construction worker? 

Are you a hair stylist or a truck driver?

These questions need to be asked in order to figure out the proper solution. 

So how does Rise Above Fitness approach back pain differently?

We first assess your current posture and lifestyle, prescribe your corrective exercises, and then we reassess. It’s quite fantastic really.

RA use the whole body approach. We don’t JUST fix your back problems. We fix ALL of your posture problems. RA treats the body as one single unit. Not 60 different parts glued together. We are all connected from head to toe to fingers.

P.s. We have helped our friends alleviate their aches and pains permanently for years. If you have constant aches and pains and are looking for PERMANENT relief then our corrective exercise program is right for you. Follow this link to schedule a sit down with one of our trusted experts 👉🏻

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