Exercise isn’t Sexy

Exercise isn’t sexy. Working out isn’t sexy. Lifting weights isn’t sexy. The gym just isn’t sexy. I mean gosh it looks like people are trying to not fart all the time. There are a lot of unsexy things about the gym but I am here to talk to you about one in particular. The exercises that work are not sexy. Not one bit.

Everyone one wants the secret sauce to working out. The exercise that’s going to make you get results. Well, the secret sauce isn’t so secret. The secret is squats, deadlifts, rows, chest press, and shoulder press. Those are the secret exercises. I know, not sexy at all. These are the biggest bang for your buck exercises though.

Those big 5 exercises should be the basis for all of your programming. The issue that you and others run into is that they get bored of just doing those 5 exercises. This is the biggest difference between a personal trainer and someone who does their own programming. A personal trainer can give you 5-10 variations of those exercises. Instead of squatting, try lunges, step ups, bulgarian split squats, Lateral lunges, or single leg sit downs. All of those exercise work the same major muscle groups.

All of these exercise have variations that work the same major muscles. I listed 5 basic variations to squats. They can get complicated and increasingly more difficult. An example of that would be a pistol squat. What you need to do is cycle through the big 5 exercises and their variations. The key is to always come back to those big 5 exercises.

The moral of the story is that if you want results its not going to come from flashy exercises or flashy diets. Results come from boring exercises like squats or by tracking how many calories you are consuming. Results come from exercises that aren’t sexy because exercise isn’t sexy.

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