Learn how to invest in your health.

Learn how to invest in your health and why investing in a health and fitness coach could save you time and frustrations.

Investing in your health and investing in a health coach are two completely different things. Investing in your health can be as little as getting a $10/month gym membership. Whether you are attending or not, you are still investing money into your health.

But investing in a coach will yield a much better return on investment. Let me explain.

You and I both know that everyone is unique in there own way. Two people of the same height, gender, age, and goals could still be very different based on their job, nutrition, and activity levels. Even deeper than that, if someone has success with their weight loss journey and loses 100 pounds then they aren’t even the same person they were.

As our friend’s and client’s see success, the path to continue to see success will be ever changing. You see, life is NEVER stagnant. Your life is always changing. If you used to work in a warehouse position and then got promoted to a desk job manager role, your life has completely flipped on its head…. But does your training reflect this?

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As coaches, it is our responsibility to help guide you through the constant changes in your life. Did you injure your foot and now your in a boot? We can help teach you how to work around injuries so that you can still exercise in this 6 – 8 week down time… (yes this actually happened to one of our friends).

Most of the time, people don’t have much control over these changes. Whether these changes are bad or good, you should still reflect this in your training. 

Has your time been cut in half because your boss is forcing mandatory overtime for a month? 

Great! Let’s cut you workouts to 20 minutes long to reflect that.

Has your weight-loss plateau’d after being in a calorie deficit for 8 weeks?

Great! Let’s focus on building your muscle and you’re metabolism for 8 weeks?

Has a death in the family caused an extreme amount of stress?

Not great! But let’s focus on doing decompression and stress/anxiety reducing workouts instead.

This ever changing lifestyle makes it extremely hard to stay consistent, but with a coach, you will be much better guided when these road blocks occur.

Hopefully this helped you learn how to invest in your health.

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