Quality of Life

Fitness/exercise is something that everyone knows that they need to do, so why does the majority of the general population fall short?

In this blog post, I’ll be talking about the one main oversight that people have one it comes to their goal setting. The bigger picture to all fitness routines is improving your quality of life. Think about it, if you lost body fat, would you have a better quality of life? Of course. If you got stronger, had more endurance, or increased your aerobic capacity, then would you improve your quality of life? Obviously.

Training like an athlete to improve your quality of life is a HUGE mistake. Don’t get me wrong, you can still push your limitations, but if you’re training like an athlete, then you’ll create some sort of overuse or misuse injury. Unless you’re becoming a pro at your sport, I highly recommend removing athlete-style training from your routine. Athletes only have professional careers until their late 30s for a reason. We are NOT athletes. We are REGULAR people just trying to improve our quality of life, not destroy it.


People look for quick fixes in order to hit their goals such as pain killers, fat burners, testosterone booster, or steroids. The reality is that your body needs time and effort in order to create long-term quality of life improvements. Adaptation takes weeks, months, and years.

In next week’s blog post, I’ll be talking about how bodyweight exercise could be the only form of exercise you need and the importance of muscle strengthening to remove your joint aches and pains.

At Rise Above Fitness, we don’t just throw exercises onto a monitor and let you follow along. We breakdown pitfalls, proper movement mechanics, and push limitations. Education is taking the world by storm, not just in the fitness industry but ALL industries. If your trainer died tomorrow, would you still be able to create an exercise routine? Our current clients would be able to… and, more importantly, they would be able to do it safely.

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If you’re looking to improve YOUR quality of life, try a free week of classes to experience the difference in your workouts when you get EDUCATED!

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