The 2 Key Attributes to Fitness Progress

Progress is essential in a fitness routine. The reason it’s essential is because it’s the most motivational factor. Humans like to be rewarded for their hard work. So when you travel through your fitness journey, you can use these 2 mindsets to keep you on track, and, more importantly, continuously see progression.

1. Your brain will give up before your body 100% of the time.

Your body’s a very complex machine that can withstand almost anything. It’s quite incredible actually. If you’ve never heard of “Ride Across America,” you should look it up. These amazing athletes ride their bikes literally across America from coast to coast. At first, it may seem impossible, but, like I said previously, your body’s a complex machine that can withstand almost anything. These riders will actually start to hallucinate if they push themselves too far. This is a perfect example of their brains giving up before their bodies.

I don’t expect anyone to ever push their body to the limits of those athletes. When us “regular” people exercise, we complain after 2 minutes of work. You go through a little bit of burn, sweat, and muscle fatigue and act like the world’s ending. I can tell you that if you master the technique of telling your brain to “F@!# off”, then you will see progress till the day you die. Doing this on a daily basis is very hard, but, with anything, it takes practice.

2. Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s the whole damn meal.

When most people attend the gym, they usually gravitate to things that they feel comfortable doing. Usually this involves hopping on the elliptical and going for a steady state pace for about 20 minutes.

There are 2 major issues with this:

1) Potential injury. By doing the same repetitive motion for excessive amounts of time, you can cause overdevelopment in certain muscle groups. Even if you do weightlifting, usually you don’t know enough variety in order to continuously keep yourself injury proof. 

2) Lack of variety. The benefit to having a lot of variety in your workouts is that you won’t get bored. I can be the first to tell you that you’ll give up on any fitness routine that you don’t find some sort of joy in. People find joy in achieving success in something new. Constantly challenge yourself with different movements and you’ll never find yourself watching Netflix on your phone during a cardio session again. 

Incorporating a mindset of body over brain and constantly changing variables within your own fitness routine will have you headed towards infinite progress.

-Coach Paul-

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