The 3 Most Underrated Topics in Fitness

This blog post is to help educate the general population on what REALLY matters when it comes to your fitness routine, and the health benefits behind it. The fitness industry is very distracting when it comes to buying supplements or the latest and greatest workout gear. To maintain a healthy routine, you need to have these 3 principles down. Check out our video below on the 3 most underrated topics in fitness.

  1. Consistency

We placed consistency as number 1 on our list because this will have the biggest effect on your overall health and body. Your body will evolve into whatever you are doing the most often. So if you can create a consistent routine and stick to it for the long-term. Aristotle once wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” He is way smarter than us too. But he’s right isn’t he? If you run consistently, then you will become better at running and develop a runner’s body. See how that works?

  1. Frequency

We placed frequency under consistency because frequency in our opinion is abused…in both directions. What I mean is that people either come TOO frequently, or not frequently enough. The sweet spot is somewhere between 3-6 days a week depending on how much experience you had. We needed to add frequency into importance because you can still be consistent without enough frequency and not ever get results. For example, working out once a month is consistent, but it is not frequent enough.

  1. Intensity

The final piece of the puzzle. Intensity is tricky though. Intensity is based on a LOT of factors including food, sleep, and workout routine. The reason we added it to our list is because if you workout 3-6 days a week every week for a year, and you aren’t challenging yourself in the slightest, then you will typically not see results. Typically you will need at LEAST 3 days of higher intensity exercise to see results. 50% effort for a year will leave you sorely disappointed with your results.

To conclude our final thoughts on the 3 most underrated topics in fitness… Most people tend to look to supplements, magic pills, or anything to avoid the “hard work.” These 3 factors will play the largest role in develop both your body and your mind. If you liked what you read, then book an appointment with us so we can sit down and talk about how to create these 3 things into your routine so that you too can also see success.

If you need help with exercise ideas for check out our YouTube channel but remember there are no specific exercises to lose fat.

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