The ONLY way to boost your metabolism

Boosting your metabolism has been thrown around the fitness industry for decades. But what does it even mean? Most people think its just something that fizzles out as you get older. Which it does, but you can counter act through the right type of exercise.

So what is metabolism? I define metabolism as the amount of calories you burn, doing absolutely nothing. Yep. Nothing. It’s important to try and increase your metabolism as you get older to help counter act the aging side effects.

Two factors that you have the most control over when it comes to your metabolism is the amount of fat and muscle you have on your body. Fat burns 20 calories / hour at rest and Muscle burns 50 calories / hour. Most people want to “burn fat” and “increase metabolism”, but the problem is that if you ONLY burn fat, you will DECREASE your metabolism. Remember both fat and muscle burn calories, so if you lose fat then you lose metabolism.

Trying to build muscle is a lot more difficult than I am giving credit for. Check out this blog post on two things you need to be thinking about when starting any strength training routine!

Just remember, not all class styles are strength training focused. Usually ones that make you go “faster” are the ones that deliver the worst results. Building strength is a slow process and should be done in great care.

So ditch the treadmill and cardio because the only way to increase your metabolism long-term is to build muscle through strength training. This is a sure fire way to increase your fat-burning ability long-term and allow you to eat more food and not gain tons of extra weight. Building your metabolism will increase your quality of life for years to come.

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