Train like a REGULAR person… Not an athlete

Dear Your Future Healthiest Self,

We are on a mission. A mission to change people’s perspective on exercise. Athletes are paid to eventually get injured. Stop training like an athlete. Far too often I see these gyms creating random programming from a database of exercises.

They create a giant data base of exercise videos and then use a random number generator to give a workout for the day (WOD)… These WOD’s are commonly called that in cross fit type gyms, but I have found them in other cardio based franchises that call them that too.

So uneducated trainers become glorified cheerleaders because the data base has their job covered. I don’t know about you, but I would not leave the health and safety of my body up to complete randomness. People say that large group training style gyms are going out of business and being taken over by online training.

I disagree…

The atmosphere from being apart of a large community is like none other. Especially for individuals who use our programming because they are willing to invest in their health. Just like you. You will save so much money from illness in the future by investing in your wellness now.

We are on a mission to deliver programming that is unmatched by any other. Trainers sit down and discuss what the previous programming has taught them. Thus creating a new better programming the next month. After 11 months of perfecting we have finally figured out the magic formula to achieving the healthiest results possible, SAFELY.

We warn you, we are not your typical HIIT class where you mindlessly run yourself into the ground every day for that unlimited membership. We will spend more time explaining the exercise to great detail so that you can put in the shortest amount of time in perfect form in order to stay safe AND see results.


Pauly D

P.S. Oh and you get rest days too… Fools don’t take rest days…

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