What are Good Fitness and Health Goals?

Looking for good fitness and health goals? First you probably shouldn’t be googling what your fitness and health goals should be but we are here to help you with some ideas and give you a strategy on how to create your own goals.

First, you will not accomplish your goals if your goal is vague. If you want to eat healthier, what does eating healthy mean to you? That is your first tip. Question your goal to see how vague it is. Let’s use the eating healthy example. I started with what does eating healthy mean to you? Answer that question. Maybe the answer is to eat more veggies, consume less desserts, and portion out my meals. Perfect, here would be my next questions: How many veggies are you eating now and what does eating more veggies look like? Which veggies are you going to consume more of? How often are you consuming desserts and how much do you want to reduce those by? Do you know how much food you are eating now? Are you going to measure out all your food? 

I could ask way more questions too. This is what happens when you are vague with your goals. We went from 1 goal of eating healthier to you now needing to do 7+ things to accomplish your goal.

Now that you are overwhelmed, let’s take 10 steps back. It’s okay to be vague. Sometimes you don’t know what your goal should be. That’s why you have to ask these questions. The more vague the goal the less likely you are to accomplish it. That’s why we have to ask these questions. We should have all those goals but we should only accomplish one at a time.

Let’s use the veggies. We figured out you eat no veggies. That’s where we are going to start. My goal for you is to eat 1 serving of vegetables a week. Yep, I only want you to eat 1 serving of veggies a week. Why? My guess is this is going to be so easy for you that you cannot fail at it.

That’s the secret to your goals. Pick a goal you cannot fail at. If you don’t think you could eat 1 serving of veggies a week. I would make it even simpler and make it to eat 1 stalk of broccoli or whatever veggies you can tolerate a week. If you are failing at your goal we are not doing something right. You should never fail at your goal. Doing something so hard that you cannot accomplish it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense especially if this is a long term goal. You cannot get to step 10 if you skip steps 1-9. Start at step 1 and go to step 2 when you are ready. Step 2 might be eating 2 servings of veggies a week. Then when you are ready we move to step 3.

Obviously this is easier said than done. It’s a process. You aren’t going to accomplish your goals in 3 days. It takes months to accomplish them. If you are not making progress on your goals in the first 4 weeks that means your goal is unrealistic and you need to scale back. If you need help, reach out to us, even if you’re not a member at The Strength Revolution. We are here to help you figure out your goals.

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